Premier League- Notice
Please ensure that all players are registered, and that the names on match cards are clearly written and easy to read. It is the captains' responsibility to write the player names in BLOCK CAPITALS before handing the card to players to sign.     To add a new player (1st half of the season only), or to correct a spelling, please email:
Leypool Stats: How it Works
Merit Overview:
The merit system reflects the quality of your opposition.
You can look up weekly Match Cards in the 1HM / 2HM sections.
Detailed player stats.
Merit System:
Play a top player with 95% win rate, 5% loss rate:
Merit Score for Winning:  +1.95
Merit Score for Losing: -0.05
Play a poor performer with 15% win rate, 85% loss rate:
Merit Score for Winning:  +1.15
Merit Score for Losing: -0.85
Play an average player with 50% win rate, 50% loss rate:
Merit Score for Winning:  +1.50
Merit Score for Losing: -0.50
So, to recap: 1 point for a win plus a fraction of the opponents win rate. As the season unfolds your merit bonuses from previous weeks will automatically alter as your past opponents' win/loss % updates. (That means if you beat someone in week 1 it will show a 1.00 merit bonus as they are on 0%, but your week 1 bonus will climb as that player goes on to register wins in future weeks. Losing results in the reduction of a fraction of the opponent's loss % rate.
Scoring a win against NO PLAYER
When a player claims a win where the opposing team is unable to field a player,  they will get 1 for the win plus bonus based on the average win rate of all players in the division.
Merit Holiday Entitlement:
Under the old system, active players in the hunt for a merit were punished
for being on holiday.
So regular players who've played 10 games by week 14 will qualify for up
 to a maximum of 2 week's merit holiday allowance, being reimbursed 
 1.000 (the minimum merit score for a win) per missed week/s.
The entitlement doesn't apply to holidays taken in the last 2 weeks of the
season. This is to avoid situations where merit leaders win the merit 
by being absent at the finale.
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